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Christina on "The Lightness of Joy"

We catch up with Christina in San Francisco during the install of Of Rhythm & Light to learn about how she creates her suspended mica sculptures.

Photos by Claire Halchak

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“These works are based in the simple joy of meandering light and shadow in the moment and the mindfulness practice of noticing soft flickering that moves your eye around and causes you to rest with active imagination. ”

— Christina Watka

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“This work was created in the light of my studio. To me, its title really says it all: when I sit with this work, I feel lifted and happy. I am learning to harness this language of lightness and joy, to explore it as a way to communicate visually. The effortless turn of the mica pushes light around the room and the rest of the work reacts, in motion, to the simplest shift in air (a breath, a passer-by, a thought).”

— Christina Watka

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“Mica both reflects light and lets light through, creating a curious conversation with the viewer about where the sculptures begin and end; in brighter daylight, the mica is excitable and acts like a mirror, pushing reflected light onto walls and floors, creating a 360º experience with the work. Little airflow causes little movement, and a gust of wind picks the entire installation up and whirls it around – something that everyone should wait for (though, the stillness is equally exciting in the way may cause the viewer to pause in a moment of inner reflection). ”

— Christina Watka

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