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In my mind, the materials help the viewer approach the work gently, with familiar kindness and openness. There is a certain calmness that comes with existing in nature, and I hope to bring that into my work through the use of natural materials.

Christina Watka

About the Artist

Christna Watka (photo by Christina Wnek-2020)

Christina Watka (b. 1986) is a site-specific, large-scale installation artist. Informed by large systems in nature, such as the movement of herds and flocks, Christina uses natural materials and ceramic to translate these systems into inviting and contemplative artwork. In her most recent series, 'The Lightness of Joy', Watka creates hanging brass and mica sculptures which hypnotically reflect light in a kinetic and meditative display. Christina received her BFA in Studio Art in 2008 from The New England School of Art and Design at Suffolk University.

News and Notables
  • Solo exhibition at Soapbox Arts, 2023

  • Exhibited at George Marshall Gallery, 2023

  • Public work commissioned by Logan Airport, 2023