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Christina on 'Kaleidoscope'

Christina Watka takes us behind the scenes with the installation of “Daydreaming in the Marsh”, a special project for JCrew, to introduce a new series of work, Kaleidoscope, featuring larger clay forms and washy glazes.

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“Often times, I don't have a title for a work or series until it is complete. This was certainly the case with the Kaleidoscope series. My understanding of my work has started to shift into the expression of a childlike wonder in the natural world. Kaleidoscopes always brought me joy as a child, and continue to do the same today for the same reasons they did when I was young: their organic nature, playfulness, expressive colors, overall wonder, detail, dimension, reaction to light, and simple discovery.”

— Christina Watka

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“The small cobalt stones scattered throughout the walls are, without a doubt, my favorite moments. They create drama without taking up much space. In fact, they weren't really a part of the original plan, but I brought a small box of them just in case they felt right. At the eleventh hour, when the work didn't feel complete just yet but I couldn't figure out why, I started layering the bright blue forms into the larger swaths of color and it instantly felt right.”

— Christina Watka

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“With this job specifically, JCrew was adamant that they wanted the same sort of organic movement that the 'Murmuration' series has, but they were open to something new. After this job, I have so many ways I want to explore this series in different iterations. I have already started making some small three-dimensional sketches in my studio!”

— Christina Watka

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“This space was in a long, curved, narrow window in the front of a store. I installed this work 7 months pregnant with twins, so honestly, the biggest concern was that I wouldn't fit in the space. Luckily, I had a few inches to spare! ”

— Christina Watka

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“After creating the final palette, it became clear to me that I had chosen colors that referenced the new landscape outside of our new home in coastal Maine. The title of this piece, "Daydreaming in the Marsh," references the time I spend enjoying the expansive marsh and bird refuge across the street from our house.”

— Christina Watka

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