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Brooke on "Sand Sea"

Brooke Holm shoots her aerial landscape photography from a helicopter to capture vistas that toy with scale and context. She shares the story of how her recent series, Sand Sea, was taken in the oldest desert on earth and how the images emphasize humanity’s complicated relationship with nature, as well as the natural world’s magnetic pull on the human subconscious.

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“I traveled to Namibia to seek out the oldest desert in the world, the Namib Sand Sea. Here, vast and inhospitable stretches of sand dunes transform under the African sun in stunning gradients of red, brown and pink. The transient nature of the dunes ensures that what you see one day will look different the next.”

— Brooke Holm

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“I was there for under two weeks, driving around in a 4×4 from place to place. Long stretches of nothing (and everything) in between. Getting stuck in the sand and digging my way out, hiking up the tallest dune in the world, seeing all kinds of beautiful African animals in their natural habitat… I purposely wanted to photograph the Sand Sea from the air, so I organized that before arriving. Because the Namib Sand Sea is so incredibly vast (over 3 million hectares!) I didn’t have the luxury of scouting each place. I had to do all my research online first and come very prepared.”

— Brooke Holm

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“ At first glance, the photographs bear a resemblance to the human body, reminding me of our complicated relationship with nature and its magnetic pull on the human subconscious.”

— Brooke Holm

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