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Angel on 'Subtle Energy Bodies'

Angel Oloshove shares snapshots from the six week process of hand-building her unique, colorful ceramic sculpture along with the natural elements that inspire her work.

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“This work is about the unique palette of light and color found in nature. The clay body of the sculpture is earth encapsulating the reflection of the sky, the soft color play found along shorelines, ripe fruit and glowing sunsets. These are monuments to these natural moments of beauty. ”

— Angel Oloshove

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“I work and live in a swamp. My studio is a tin barn built in the 1920's in the heart of the city. I share this space with a dozen chickens, an opossum and occasionally a wandering tortoise named Darlene. I made this body of work in the sweltering heat of the Houston summer.”

— Angel Oloshove

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“At 100% humidity and heat, body and brain are taken over by the environment and the only respite I received were the 2:00 pm sun showers. This is a wild phenomenon whereby the sky appears bright blue and clear except for one lone heavy cloud that pours so much rain you have to take cover and post up for an hour or so. After the rain clears the cloud leaves in its wake an amazing rainbow.”

— Angel Oloshove

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“There's a small season of two weeks were sun showers bring these daily rainbows. They're pure magic, ephemeral, spiritual in a nature-worshiping sense.”

— Angel Oloshove

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