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Tour the new Uprise Art Loft

Part-workspace and part-showroom, the new Uprise Art Loft seamlessly blends work and play. Collaborating with Michael Yarinsky and Kelley Perumbeti, co-founders of Office of Tangible Space, we reimagined our SoHo space to have a little something for everyone.

The elevator opens onto a curved stone table with an oak tambour base. The material palette for the table was inspired by contemporary and historic moments in the art world; marine fir plywood evokes the works of Donald Judd while travertine is an homage to old-world stone sculpture. At the far end of the table sits a glowing orb, adding a touch of magic. The table also conceals a set of flat file drawers, which house various works on paper.

Along the side-wall, a custom-fabricated 20 foot wide shelving system displays sculptural objects from various Uprise Art artists. The shelves feature a mix of curved and linear edges, providing surfaces of varying depths for sculptures of all sizes. A rectangular shelf sits nestled in the center, acting as a focal point to balance the airy, open structure.

Integrating the historical details of the building, Kelley and Michael built the unit to hug the wall and fit like a puzzle piece around the existing pipes and insets. The result is an asymmetrical fir plywood unit of shelves that features a mix of curved and linear edges, providing surfaces of varying depths. — Clever

The lounge provides a meeting space that feels more like a living room than a conference room. The fir wood walls and the coffee table connect the areas, adding a warmth and texture to an otherwise white-walled space. Sculptural lighting by Uprise Art artist Angel Oloshove casts warm light through strategically placed cutouts.

The space is peppered with functional objects commissioned by Uprise Art artists, including a pair of colorful benches by collaborative duo Adam Frezza and Terri Chiao.

The Uprise Art Loft continues to be a space for our artists and their work, a gathering place for collectors, family, and friends, and a workspace for our team. Schedule your viewing with one of our in-house advisors to experience the space for yourself.

Photos by Genevieve Garruppo

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