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Uprise Art presents the latest works from Angel Oloshove, Clay Mahn, Rachel Mica Weiss, and Ruth Freeman.



  • Ruth FreemanBrooklyn, NY

    Ruth Freeman (b. 1969) is a New York-based painter whose work explores the relationship between chaos and order. Beginning with a detailed digital mockup, Ruth alternates between additive and subtractive layers of paint, mirroring her computer based sketch. Once these initial layers are complete, Ruth allows chance to intervene as she adds impromptu gestural brushwork in reaction and opposition to her previous marks.

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  • Angel OloshoveHouston, TX

    Angel Oloshove (b. 1981) creates work that often experiments with painterly materiality, using atomized glazes to achieve surprising form and color. Her sculptural ceramics balance the priorities of functional, designed pottery against more transcendental qualities. Angel's works call to mind a range of visual phenomenon such as the prismatic sheen on a gasoline puddle, the incandescence of opals, mirages and rainbows.

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  • Clay MahnMissoula, MT

    Clay Mahn’s (b.1988) painting process is characterized by his use of subtraction rather than addition. By layering paint and subsequently sanding portions of each layer off, his work unearths and reveals forms which seem to already exist. Playfully engaging with elements of language, repetition, and motifs, Mahn’s paintings are deliberately composed while remaining organic. Mahn has exhibited internationally and holds an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He lives and works in Missoula, Montana.

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Booth 219 at 4601 Collins Ave, Miami Beach (Indian Beach Park)

Miami, FL


Dec 5, 2019-Dec 8, 2019