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Works by Vicki Sher

Uprise Art exhibited works from two Brooklyn-based painters, Ky Anderson and Vicki Sher. Anderson's large-scale canvas work and smaller works on found paper consider formal issues of balance and pressure, while Sher's works on paper, muslin, and drafting film consider impressions of domestic spaces and objects with atmospheric impressions and pared-down abstraction.



  • Vicki SherBrooklyn, NY

    Vicki Sher (b.1966) is a Brooklyn-based artist. In Vicki’s drawings and paintings she crafts delicately balanced towers and patterns of half-moons, squares and rectangles. Through her intuitive yet deliberate demarcation of space in vivid oil pastel and acrylic, her stacked geometries elude to map-like systems derived from a personal symbology and narratives.

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  • Erin D. GarciaLos Angeles, CA

    Erin D. Garcia is a visual artist based in Los Angeles. Garcia’s current body of work is an exploration of where the human capacity for abstraction intersects or conflicts with the sensory desire for specificity. Most recently, Garcia has exhibited his work at HVW8 Gallery (Los Angeles), Stacks, This Gallery (Los Angeles), and Guerrero Gallery (San Francisco). He has completed large-scale public installations for The Standard Hotel, Redbull Studios, Pepsi Culture Labs, RVCA, and the Ace Hotel, among others

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The Metropolitan Pavilion at 215 West 18th Street, NYC - Booth A-208

New York, NY


Mar 3, 2016-Mar 6, 2016