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For two weeks, the Uprise Art Outpost is transformed into an open artist studio. Visit to talk with Uprise artists Erin Lynn Welsh and Will Hutnick as they create new works.



  • Erin Lynn WelshBrooklyn, NY

    Erin Lynn Welsh (b. 1984) depicts expressive impressions of the natural landscape. Comprised of broad gestural brushstrokes, Erin’s mark-making captures the unpredictability and volatility of nature while also offering a tool for abstraction, allowing her botanical forms to conjure a greater emotional resonance. Erin harnesses the historical symbology of the natural world, from the awesome power of the sublime landscape to the poignancy of a simple flower, to explore the contrast between beauty and violence.

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120 Ninth Ave., New York, NY


Apr 16, 2014-May 6, 2014