• Exhibitions
  • Of Rhythm & Light
  • 08/10/19 - 09/12/19

Uprise Art is proud to present Of Rhythm & Light, an exhibition of sculptural and mixed-media works by artists Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey and Christina Watka at San Francisco’s Midway Gallery. Taking inspiration from the physics of waves in space, both artists have created new works that focus on sound and light through repetition and process. In terms of physics, sound possesses a vibrational energy that is reflected and absorbed by objects in space, while light waves travel through a vacuum and do not require a medium to move from their origin to their destination. These machinations inform two different outcomes: in the first, the vibrations are absorbed and the sound fades to silence or nothingness; in the second, the waves fade in potency as they travel, but never fully dissipate. These simple principles can describe the motion of swarms, flocks, cells, and constellations, in addition to sound and light, offering a diagrammatic sense of order to what might otherwise appear chaotic or unknowable.