Three works by artist Damien Davis, two framed figurative prints and one black abstract wall sculpture, installed on a white wall behind a glass case at Montclair State University.

Case Studies is a new series of exhibitions in the Alexander Kasser Theater Cases initiated by Montclair State University's Director Megan C. Austin and Curator Jesse Bandler Firestone.

Case Studies 1: Damien Davis – OLD CURRENCIES brings together new and recent works by Damien Davis that explore Blackness through symbols, shapes, colors, and digital technology.

Cowrie shells, tobacco leaves, and anatomical shapes appear throughout the exhibition to explore themes of currency, sex, and cultural traditions that connect a wide range of experiences within the African diaspora. In the Blackamoors print series, made exclusively using Adobe Illustrator’s “Ancient” preset color palette, Davis investigates how classifications and nomenclature within digital softwares relate to perceptions of identity and culture.




  • Damien DavisBrooklyn, NY

    Damien Davis (b. 1984) is a Brooklyn-based artist. His practice explores historical representations of blackness by seeking to unpack the visual language of various cultures and question how these societies code and decode representations of race through design and digital modes of production. Working primarily in laser-cut acrylic, Damien draws on his vast store of Black iconography to configure three-dimensional kinetic collages that invite viewer participation.

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1 Normal Ave


Sep 1, 2022-Dec 9, 2022


Opening ReceptionSep 22, 2022