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Uprise Art is proud to present Home/Work, a digital exhibition of works created during quarantine over the course of a single week. For this exhibition, eight artists – Roche, Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey, Jackson Joyce, Chad Kouri, Ohni Lisle, William Luz, Senem Oezdogan, and Gail Tarantino – were given an assignment: to create eight original works, each at the same 10" x 8" scale, that touch upon the way in which working at home has influenced their work. In addition to their original artworks, each artist contributed to a syllabus of resources and readings that have changed their perspectives regarding racial justice and our role in building a better world.

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  • Chad KouriChicago, IL

    Chad Kouri (b. 1985) is a Chicago, Illinois-based artist known for his intuitive, vibrant compositions that utilize the holistic properties of color and abstraction. His mixed-race identity is mirrored by his multidisciplinary studio practice, focusing broadly on visual art, music, and design while considering theories based in minimalism, color theory, semiotics, improvisation, and radical joy. Utilizing a wide range of skillsets and strategies, Kouri reminds us to stay curious and make time for play, rest, and introspection, enabling us more bandwidth for mutual aid and collective community care.

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  • Roche Marseille, France

    Roche (b. 1991) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Marseille, France. Their practice spans animation to sculpture and draws inspiration from different media and materiality, whether two or three dimensions, moving images or stills, and the connections between. Roche's work builds a bridge between virtual and physical realities, exploring what lies at the crossroad of opposite worlds, states, and energies.

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  • Gail TarantinoEmeryville, CA

    Gail Tarantino (b. 1958) is a San Francisco Bay-area painter and photographer. Her works focus on thinking of ways to interpret language and its myriad meanings. Gail's work often begins with drafting short narratives or letters which she then translates into color and form. Though encoding and obfuscating her writing, Gail creates images that question the validity of interpretation.

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  • William LuzPlymouth, UK

    Plymouth, England-based William Luz (b. 1984) works in the expanded practice of drawing including works on paper, prints, ceramics and video. William’s work focuses on referring directly back to the act of making itself, questioning the labor involved in creating, and the performative nature of an artist’s practice. William is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Drawing at Plymouth College of Art. He is one third of Nous Vous Collective.

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  • Jackson JoyceBrooklyn, NY

    Jackson Joyce (b. 1994) is a Brooklyn, New York-based artist who seeks to paint a world where things look the way they feel. Pulling inspiration from his life growing up in the south, Jackson’s paintings tell nostalgic and personal stories of past, present and future. Often exaggerating proportions and color to convey off-kilter narratives, Jackson’s paintings occupy an imaginative world all their own.

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  • Senem OezdoganBrooklyn, New York

    Senem Oezdogan (b. 1980) is a Brooklyn-based mixed media artist whose works meditate on the visual phenomenon of optical illusions through color and form. Smooth gradients give a sense of volume to the bold shapes depicted in Senem’s work that are subsequently flattened by her illusionistic use of spatial composition. Her color palette is equally beguiling, disrupting foreground and background and constantly forcing the viewer to reorient their sense of perspective.

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  • Katrine Hildebrandt-HusseyBoston, MA

    Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey (b. 1982) is a Boston-based visual artist whose work is inspired by sacred geometry and the metaphysical mapping of space and time. Katrine achieves the geometric patterns in her work by burning her paper surface, allowing for chance to influence her ordered forms. Marked with intentionality and meticulous detail, Katrine’s work investigates the correlation between chaos and order, permanence and transience, and the interconnectivity of the universe.

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