My works are a response to my visual landscape and the things I engage with, experience, and think about. I'm interested in art being part of the everyday, not something that is detached.

William Luz

About the Artist


Plymouth, England-based William Luz (b. 1984) works in the expanded practice of drawing including works on paper, prints, ceramics and video. William’s work focuses on referring directly back to the act of making itself, questioning the labor involved in creating, and the performative nature of an artist’s practice. William is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Drawing at Plymouth College of Art. He is one third of Nous Vous Collective.

News and Notables
  • A Ghost Subject (or the principle of mutual enhancement), solo exhibition, Arts University Plymouth, 2022

  • A Scarcity of Thought, solo exhibition, Ocean Studios, 2021

  • Public art commission, A Pavillion for U.S. at Plymouth Art Weekender, 2020