• Exhibitions
  • Ground Work
  • 02/17/22 - 03/17/22

In their two-person show, Ground Work, painters Bryce Anderson and Clay Mahn explore the practice of image-making and the objecthood of painting. Anderson's paintings seek to uncover the potential of images and authorship by utilizing found photographs, while Mahn creates paintings that center on materiality and process, excavating and burnishing layers of paint and powdered marble with a focus on subtraction rather than addition. Both artists investigate the idea of a painting’s ground as a conceptual tool. Mahn’s work is concerned with painting’s materiality, surface and ground. His mark making is leveled through the laminated facade of his paintings that unifies a history of addition and subtraction. Anderson’s work carefully considers the artifact of photography as a framing device, his compositions focusing on the literal landscape ground to unearth stories that speak to popular culture, art history, and personal narratives. Ground Work speaks to the enduring legacy of painting as a framework for ideas, exploration and form.