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Sinziana Velicescu

A group exhibition featuring works by Karina Bania, Natalie Baxter, Evan Venegas, Elisa Gomez, Sinziana Velicescu, Holly Addi, Jordan Sullivan, Alex Diamond, Jieun Jang, Hyun Jung Ahn, Chad Kouri, Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao, and Erik Barthels, presented in collaboration with The Midway Gallery.



  • Adam Frezza & Terri ChiaoBrooklyn, NY

    Adam Frezza (b. 1977) and Terri Chiao (b. 1981) are a collaborative artist duo based in Brooklyn, NY. Heavily invested in the spirit of play and experimentation, Adam and Terri create fantastical works of art that incorporate unusual textures and unexpected forms. Humor, color and pattern intersect to immerse the viewer in the artists’ world of wonderment.

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  • Chad KouriChicago, IL

    Chad Kouri (b. 1985) is a Chicago, Illinois-based artist known for his intuitive, vibrant compositions that utilize the holistic properties of color and abstraction. His mixed-race identity is mirrored by his multidisciplinary studio practice, focusing broadly on visual art, music, and design while considering theories based in minimalism, color theory, semiotics, improvisation, and radical joy. Utilizing a wide range of skillsets and strategies, Kouri reminds us to stay curious and make time for play, rest, and introspection, enabling us more bandwidth for mutual aid and collective community care.

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  • Elisa GomezAustin, TX

    Elisa Gomez (b. 1986) is an Austin, Texas-based painter using abstraction and color to respond to subjects as varied as the female form, the landscape and music. Through her gestural application of paint and emotional use of color, Elisa intuits the commonality of these forms and articulates them aptly with descriptive brushstrokes.

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  • Erik BarthelsMandeville, LA

    Erik Barthels (b. 1980) is a Mandeville, Louisiana-based painter creating colorful abstractions that harness the power of chance to explore color and form. Working primarily in watercolor and thin washes of acrylic, Erik uses a squeegee to spread thin washes of pigment across his paper to create fluid arches of organic pattern. Erik's languid compositions are occasionally obstructed by collage elements that supplant the subtle nuances of paint with hard-edged geometries.

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  • Evan VenegasQueens, NY

    Evan Venegas (b. 1975) is a Queens, New York-based artist channeling the complexities of his surroundings through painting. Evan deconstructs visual stimuli into luminescent orbs of translucent pigment that appear to be suspended in space. Meditative and transportive, Evan’s work offers simultaneous reflection and escape from the everyday.

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  • Holly AddiSalt Lake City, UT

    Holly Addi (b. 1973) is a Salt Lake City, Utah-based painter. Her works examine energy, space, and landscape through tempered abstraction. Holly’s paintings employ color blocked neutrals with pointed pops of color that navigate the viewer’s eye around the canvas with meandering linework. An exercise in the renegotiation of inclusion and omission, acceptance and refusal, Holly’s paintings are dynamic explorations of formal paint language and intimated environments.

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  • Hyun Jung AhnBrooklyn, NY

    Hyun Jung Ahn (b.1986) is a Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist, from Seoul, South Korea. Through her work, she investigates enigmatic abstract forms which she references as “shapes of mind”. She begins by drawing from her visual diary which captures feelings, personal connections and emotional states of being. She then translates these notions into minimalistic drawing, painting and sculpture.

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  • Jieun JangSeoul, South Korea

    Korean artist Jieun Jang (b. 1984) calls attention to commonplace, invisible, and neglected objects, through her unique drawing practice. With the goal of emphasizing subtle movement and hidden life in inanimate objects, she laboriously folds tracing paper with powdered graphite on her hands to create multi-dimensional drawings. Her pieces retain a deliberate delicacy and carefulness, requiring the viewer to approach her works with an increased care and sensitivity. Jieun believes are necessary to see and experience them. Jieun earned her B.F.A in painting from Hongik University in Korea, and received her M.F.A from School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

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  • Karina BaniaSan Diego, CA

    Based between San Diego, California and Baja, Mexico, Karina Bania is a mixed-media painter whose works relate to landscape and geography. Karina’s paintings feature pale hues and layers of subtle texture, often incorporating traditional pigments and dyes in stains and washes. Focusing on harmony between spontaneity and intention, each discrete shape in her paintings provokes a conversation between visible and unseen landscapes.

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  • Sinziana VelicescuLos Angeles, CA

    Sinziana Velicescu (b. 1989) is a photographer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles, California. Her photography explores human intervention with nature in landscapes that have undergone social or environmental change. Appropriating architectural vocabulary, Velicescu disrupts everyday topography via careful composition to develop an elegant and humorous narrative to tell the story of place.

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The Midway Gallery

900 Marin Street

San Francisco, CA


Nov 17, 2017-Feb 11, 2018