Watercolors are a very unforgiving medium. Once you put a mark down it is pretty much there for good. This has forced me to appreciate the textures and organic inconsistencies in the paint. Since things have become so much more digital and precise, I have a newfound longing to leave these types of imperfections in my work.

Evan Venegas

About the Artist

Evan Venegas Headshot

Evan Venegas (b. 1975) is a Queens, New York-based artist channeling the complexities of his surroundings through painting. Evan deconstructs visual stimuli into luminescent orbs of translucent pigment that appear to be suspended in space. Meditative and transportative, Evan’s work offers simultaneous reflection and escape from the everyday.

News and Notables

•Exhibited at Luna Rienne Gallery, 2023

•Featured in "Post Painterly Now", Sugarlift, 2022

•Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts SIP Fellowship Awardee, 2018