Art on Paper 2022 (11)

For Art on Paper Fall 2022, Uprise Art presents a three-person booth featuring works on paper by Erik Barthels, David Esquivel, and Kayla Plosz Antiel.

Working with abstract forms, Erik Barthels draws from the tradition of minimalism and the discernible imperfection of traditional handicraft. Using squeegees and trowels to manipulate his paint, he renders graphic paintings on paper that he then collages to create new and unexpected compositions.

David Esquivel's paintings traverse between the abstract and the recognizable, with enigmatic glyphs and slopes evoking mountains in a distant landscape. His newest paintings, created for Art on Paper, categorize individual forms into standalone units that emerge as an integrated system.

Kayla Plosz Antiel uses imagery from folk textile work, traditional quilt patterns, and the natural world. In a continuation of her Ultramarine Sampler and Florilegia series, she draws on embroidery templates and Medieval-era scrapbooks to create her narrative watercolor and gouache works.



  • Kayla Plosz AntielRaleigh, NC

    Kayla Plosz Antiel (b. 1987) is a Candian-born artist living and working in Raleigh, North Carolina. Kayla approaches her work as an exploration of color, focusing on subtle shifts within monochromatic, analogous, and complementary schemes. Her extensive visual vocabulary incorporates folk and craft-inspired motifs with organic and geometric forms.

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  • David EsquivelAurora, IL

    David Esquivel (b. 1994) is an Aurora, Illinois-based based painter. David’s work traverses between the abstract and the recognizable with sloping mounds evoking mountains in a distant landscape or enigmatic glyphs. Contrasted against the neutral canvas, David’s distinctive forms float as if suspended in an alternate world. David’s paintings allow the viewer to meditate on the relationships between color and form while creating their own narratives and associations.

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  • Erik BarthelsMandeville, LA

    Erik Barthels (b. 1980) is a Mandeville, Louisiana-based painter creating colorful abstractions that harness the power of chance to explore color and form. Working primarily in watercolor and thin washes of acrylic, Erik uses a squeegee to spread thin washes of pigment across his paper to create fluid arches of organic pattern. Erik's languid compositions are occasionally obstructed by collage elements that supplant the subtle nuances of paint with hard-edged geometries.

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Pier 36

299 South Street

New York, NY


Sep 8, 2022-Sep 11, 2022