• size 55" × 47"
  • year 2015
  • medium Ink on paper
  • framed In white
  • price $3250
“I work through intuition. There are no reference images, or anything like that, but I'm sure whatever I read, watch, and encounter makes it into the work somehow.” — Thomas Hammer
Thomas hammer

About the Artist

Thomas hammer

Thomas Hammer (b. 1985) is a New York-based artist best known for his ink works on paper and acrylic paintings on canvas. His ink works, created with a unique tool that’s a fusion of a squeegee and a brush, are inspired by the spontaneity and vim of post-war action painting, though they employ a unique vocabulary of mark making. He creates a sense of depth through the variety of textures that vary between smooth and flowing, staccato and rhythmic. Hammer’s acrylic paintings on canvas contrast hard-edged geometric abstraction with a painterly touch. These works explore the subconscious, but are inspired by contemporary aesthetics—from advertising and popular music to fashion and social media.

News & Notables

From the Journal

From the Journal

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  • Inside the Studio
  • Thomas on "Paint Us"
  • Thomas Hammer introduces a new body of work exploring color and texture.
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  • Meet
  • Thomas Hammer
  • We speak with Thomas Hammer about his dual practice, how experimentation led to his materials, and why you don't paint emojis.

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