I'm inspired by the culture around me and the constant bombardment of visual stimuli - subway ads, graphic design, ever-changing fashion, architecture, an endless stream of pedestrians and cars, our decaying infrastructure. All of that finds its way into my work, jumbled up like in a dream and filtered through paint.

Thomas Hammer

About the Artist


Los-Angeles, California-based Thomas Hammer (b. 1985) creates calligraphic ink and acrylic paintings with custom-made brushes and painting tools that offer a range of unique mark making possibilities. Inspired by the way photography can flatten vast space, Thomas’ paintings similarly capture a planar distillation reminiscent of dynamic skyscapes and landscapes or the uncovering of an archeological dig. The contrast between the density and dispersion of Thomas’ mark making brings a sense of movement that draws the viewer’s eye around the entirety of the painted surface.

News and Notables
  • Exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair, 2022

  • Artist in Residence, Fusion Art Gallery - Inaudita, 2018

  • Featured in Architectural Digest, 2016