• $1450

  • size 35.5" × 43.5" × 2.25"
  • year 2007
  • materials Archival pigment print
  • edition of 3
  • framed In white
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“History is subjective. It is how we chose to publish our past that makes it real or true. The historian can write from facts found in dictionaries and encyclopedias, but the writer of an autobiography is writing from personal experience. The memoir writer is burdened with an inability to shed nostalgia for his or her own life history. This is how a photograph works, hung up on its own subjectivity. A fantasy. A partial fiction.” — Nick Meyer, in his art book Pattern Language (Brick Publishing 2010)
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About the Artist

File 83581

Nick Meyer (b. 1981) is an award-winning photographer who captures the American spirit through his raw depictions of the American landscape and those who inhabit it.

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His work has been exhibited in solo and group shows throughout the US and abroad, including: Untitled, The Dirty Truth, Northampton, MA; Green River, Iceberger Gallery, San Francisco; Pop-Up Show, OPENSPACE Gallery, New York; and Milchstrasse, OUAV, Vienna. He is the author of the book Pattern Language (2010) published by Brick Publishing, and has been featured in publications such as the SF Bay Guardian and Vice Magazine.

Meyer holds an MFA from California College of the Arts, and earned his BFA from Massachusetts College of Art in 2005. He is based in Northampton, MA. Most recently, Meyer is the Schoolhouse Gallery Juror Award recipient. He lives in Northampton, MA.

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  • Nick Meyer
  • Photographer Nick Meyer discusses his portraits, talk about his influences, and profess his love for simple everyday happenings.

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