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It's hard for me to divorce myself from the people and places and moments and memories that are behind all the images, which is why I think it might be a document of my life. If you don't know the people or places, then the story is yours to create and you are free to create your own truth.

Nick Meyer

About the Artist


Nick Meyer (b. 1981) is a Northampton, Massachusetts-based photographer who captures the American spirit through his raw depictions of the landscape and those who inhabit it. Nick’s photographs invoke the intersection of documentary photography and nostalgic fantasy, of reality and truth - reality is what happened, whereas the truth is how it was captured in the artist’s memory. Nick’s portraits are intimate and familiar, yet it is clear that the world they reside in is filtered through his own lens of truth. This fantastical retelling of reality gives space to the viewer to observe familiar parallels while also discovering their own truth.

News and Notables
  • Solo exhibition, The Local, Marlboro College, 2019

  • Featured in The Guardian, 2021

  • Director's Award Recipient, Providence Center for Photography, 2017