I find my work ends up straddling lines or being of a dichotomous nature: strange/familiar, tough/fragile, abstraction/representation - and I think that's where my interests lie.

Lindsey Cuenca Walker

About the Artist


Lindsey Cuenca Walker (b. 1988) is a Portland, Oregon based artist who paints abstracted botanical forms and narrative still lifes. Set against a deserted pastel landscape, Lindsey’s decisive use of black outlines accentuates the instability of her wavering flowers and stocky forms. Imbued with humor and idiosyncratic personality, Lindsey crafts a world dominated by nature and inanimate objects.

News and Notables
  • Two-person exhibition, Moonlighting, with Nathan Paul Rice at Nationale, Portland, OR 2020

  • Exhibited at FISK & Friends, FISK, Portland, OR, 2019

  • Exhibited at Gallery IDL, Portland, OR, 2019