• Exhibitions
  • All Eyes On Me
  • 03/23/21 - 04/13/21

Uprise Art presents "All Eyes On Me", an exhibition of new paintings by Lindsey Cuenca Walker and Ohni Lisle. Both Walker and Lisle’s paintings depict objects and individuals in solitude. Each artist’s graphic forms stand starkly against the vacant yet vibrantly hued landscapes surrounding them, appearing as if illuminated by an other-worldly spotlight. In Ohni Lisle's series of figure paintings, each silhouetted form is monolithic and mythical. The individual figures are depicted as demigods; they are genderless amorphous spirits. Flattened and confined within the rectangular canvas frame, each form floats in a symbolic space, yet maintains an individual personality, character and agency. They possess power that radiates from within, all the while navigating and conforming to the prescribed space of the world in which they inhabit. Lindsey Cuenca Walker’s newest paintings of plants and insects operate within the idiosyncratic framework of her nuanced visual vocabulary. Her bulbous botanicals are boldly outlined, but with a wavering hand.Their isolation is emphasized by the illumination of their forms and the resulting graphic shadows - a spotlight that causes the surrounding context to fade away. As portraits of the familiar, these paintings themselves become companions of sorts; a family of figures that are comforting and constant in one's life. Lisle and Walker's paintings are markers of our current moment in time - explorations of the individual when the individual is removed from previous realities and tossed into a space that is too bright to fully make-out, or too vast to define and comprehend.