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Lindsey Cuenca Walker is a Portland, Oregon-based painter whose lexicon of images is drawn from daily life. Beginning with ink sketches that she ultimately translates to graphic, colorful paintings on canvas, her work features a stark and graphic immediacy. Cuenca Walker's reticent pieces focus on dualities, presenting figures and objects that are familiar but strange, or tough-yet-fragile.



  • Lindsey Cuenca WalkerPortland, OR

    Lindsey Cuenca Walker (b. 1988) is a Portland, Oregon based artist who paints abstracted botanical forms and narrative still lifes. Set against a deserted pastel landscape, Lindsey’s decisive use of black outlines accentuates the instability of her wavering flowers and stocky forms. Imbued with humor and idiosyncratic personality, Lindsey crafts a world dominated by nature and inanimate objects.

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