Our process involves seeking ways to approach the poetry of the natural world that allows us to see individual moments from a slightly altered perspective.

Jessica Haye & Clark Hsiao

About the Artist

Jessica Haye & Clark Hsiao 2020

Jessica Haye (b. 1973) and Clark Hsiao (b. 1979), working under the collective title The Collaborationist, are a photography duo based in Los Angeles. Their photographs explore themes of family, immediacy, and the recurring interplay between the epic and the everyday. They examine both grand and everyday subjects, endowing them with equal importance. This balance between the intimate and the public is at once autobiographical and immediately relatable.

News and Notables
  • Exhibited at Creative Artists Agency, 2019

  • Exhibited at K&K Gallery, 2019

  • Exhibited at Annenberg Space for Photography, 2019