Colorful drawings by Vicki Sher pinned to a white wall in her studio.

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Close-up of a figurative, blue and yellow oil painting by artist Heejo Kim.
Heejo Kim

Focus: Summer 2023

Focus Collections are curated selections of works by new artists, available for a limited-time only.

Geometric works by Kimmy Quillin and Hayley Sheldon on view at Uprise Art for the Form and Function collection.
Kimmy Quillin and Hayley Sheldon

Form & Function

Smooth arches, clean curves, and straight lines. A collection of abstract, geometric works.

Uprise Art is an art gallery featuring original artwork by contemporary artists for the spaces where you live, work, and gather.

Meet the Artists

Advisory Services

Uprise Art provides complimentary art advisory services. Your dedicated in-house advisor is experienced in curating for projects of any size and will help you find the perfect artwork.

Painting of two figures side-by-side dribbling a basketball by Adrian Kay Wong hanging on a white wall above a bed with white sheets.
Adrian Kay Wong

For Individuals

Connect with an art advisor, free of charge, to find the perfect artwork for your home. They will curate options specifically for you, answer any questions, and coordinate your artwork from order to install.

Painting of overlapping red, brown, and white half-arches by Kimmy Quillin hanging on a dark green wall in a conference room at Chief Chicago.
Kimmy Quillin

For Companies

Cultivate your company culture with artwork that inspires. Uprise Art curates original artwork for workspace, retail, hospitality, and healthcare projects.

Painting of tan, sparse bouquet on a black background by artist Kate Roebuck installed in a restaurant with walnut wood trim.
Kate Roebuck

For Trade

The go-to art source for architects, interior designers, and developers. Collaborate with our team to source original and custom artwork for residential, commercial, retail, and hospitality projects around the world.

The lounge area at Uprise Art featuring a round, red rug, two black chairs, large monstera plant, and abstract painting by Holly Addi.

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Our New York Gallery & Showroom is open Monday through Friday 12-6pm and by appointment.