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Located at the intersection of SoHo and Chinatown in New York, our showroom is the perfect place to see original artwork in person.

To visit, schedule a viewing with a dedicated art advisor below.

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264 Canal Street, New York

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Art Advisory

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Showroom art advisory

Book a private artwork viewing at the showroom and one of our in-house art advisors will help you find the perfect piece. Appointments are free of charge.

Virtual Visit

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Showroom virtual visit

Connect with a personal art advisor using FaceTime, Zoom, or Google Hangouts. They can tour your home and curate works for your specific space.

A note on safety

Uprise Art is currently open at limited capacity. To keep our team and customers safe, we're asking all visitors to wear face masks and maintain six feet of distance while browsing. If you're feeling under the weather, please reschedule to a later date; we'd be happy to see you in the future!

Behind the Design

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Showroom behind the design

Collaborating with Michael Yarinsky and Kelley Perumbeti, co-founders of Office of Tangible Space, we reimagined our SoHo showroom to have a little something for everyone.

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05/12/22 - 10/21/22

Roll & Hill

Uprise Art

264 Canal Street, No. 4W

New York, NY 10013

By appointment only

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