Artist Chloe Fields working on minimalist drawings in her studio.

Chloe Fields' newest series explores line and color in a series of diminutive works on paper.

Artist Chloe Fields working on a small blue work in her studio.
Artist Chloe Fields' studio filled with small, colorful works of art installed on the walls.

Working primarily with soft pastel pencils on textured paper, Fields explores lines that stack and collide with one another in minute and minimalist drawings.

Compared to my previous work, these works feel familiar in that I’m employing the same medium - but it’s come together in a completely different way. I had to find it, the ideas didn’t just come to me.

Chloe Fields

Artist Chloe Fields sitting and working in her studio, surrounded by multiple small works on paper.
A minimalist, orange and black work on paper with two circles by artist Chloe Fields.

Fields embraces the confines of the small-scale page, allowing her limitations to directly dictate her compositions. Inspired by her background in writing, letterpress printing, and design, Fields’ approach to process is playful yet methodical.

This time around, I let the process be more a part of the work. Instead of being hindered by less space, I invited the limitations into the pieces.

Chloe Fields

A totem of small, framed works on paper by artist Chloe Fields installed on a white wall at Uprise Art.
Close-up of a minimalist work on paper with colorful lines by artist Chloe Fields.