Artist Caroline Walls sits in her studio, surrounded by drawings pinned to the wall and a wood table with books laid out.

Working in a range of materials, Caroline Walls' work is a celebration of the female form, depicting intimacy, sexuality, fertility, and motherhood. Take a tour of her Melbourne studio as she works on her Silhouette series.

Caroline Walls' studio, with various drawings pinned to the wall and a rattan chair next to a wood table.
Six images of black, white, and tan figures pinned to a wall in Caroline Walls' studio.
Artist Caroline Walls, dressed in all black, sits on a chair at her studio and looks off into the distance.
Artist Caroline Walls flips through a book of drawings and sketches at her studio table.

I have always been interested in the reduction of form to heighten it's expressive power. In this new collection, that simplification of form has really come to the fore.

Caroline Walls

Caroline Walls flips through black and white paintings stacked against a wall.
A bottle of brushes and books sits on a wood table at the studio of Caroline Walls.
Caroline Walls searches for a print in a stack of shelves.
Black and white figure drawings framed in wood lean against a wall, behind a stack of books, at Caroline Walls' studio.

Curves of the female body hover somewhere between figuration and abstraction in a bold and heroic light as a celebration of womanhood.

Caroline Walls

A charcoal drawing of an abstract figure framed in wood sits on a table at Caroline Walls' studio.
The wall inside Caroline Walls' studio, adorned with various black and white images.
Artist Caroline Walls molds clay into a v-shape with her hands while standing at her studio table.
The back of Caroline Walls as she flips through black and white paintings in her studio.

Photos by Annika Kafcaloudis