Two side by side photographs of white roses and greenery at a wedding in an industrial rustic venue.

Our founder Tze Chun lists her favorite art ideas so you can be "that" wedding guest - the one with the best gift. From art objects by IN.SEK to colorful paintings by Molly Dilworth, these pieces are sure to become treasures in the happy couple's home.

Two framed blue screen prints by Ben Skinner, part of our off-registry tips.
"Blue 1. From the Kiss Me Flow Chart (Blue Series)" and "Blue 6. From the Kiss Me Flow Chart (Blue Series)" by Ben Skinner

It’s remarkable to think of the journey of building a life together, and all the little decisions along the way. Ben Skinner’s cheeky Kiss Me Flow Chart series offers many choices, and not all of them bad.

A print by Dana Bell, part of our off-registry tips.
"Dance with Arms Up" by Dana Bell

Be there with bells on. Show up on the dance floor and remind them that life’s a party. Dana Bell’s debossed relief prints highlight various relationships between people, from the joyous to the contemplative.

A sculpture by IN.SEK, part of our off-registry tips.
"A/2" by IN.SEK

A contemporary take on the traditional keepsake box. This container by IN.SEK is one-of-a-kind and made from hand-poured concrete, crushed stone, and quartz with a solid teak lid.

Two paintings by Kayla Plosz Antiel, part of our off-registry tips.
"Ultramarine Sampler 10" and "Ultramarine Sampler 4" by Kayla Plosz Antiel

Inspired by embroidery samplers, Kayla Plosz Antiel's Ultramarine Sampler series offers a new perspective on tradition, craft, and the act of making something new in the home.

A print by Caroline Walls, part of our off-registry tips.
"The Curve Collection 02" by Caroline Walls

Bask in the beauty of the female form with these thoughtfully composed works by Australian artist Caroline Walls.

A print by Erin Zhao, part of our off-registry tips.
"Kindness #3" by Erin Zhao

The key to any marriage. Erin Zhao’s Kindness series layers hand-sewn film and printed ink.

Two collages by Jessica Sinks, part of our off-registry tips.
"Hatched" and "Partners" by Jessica Sinks

With an almost painfully poignant efficiency, artist Jessica Sinks creates narrative and allegorical compositions with clean collaged shapes.

Drawing by Giulia Palombino, part of our off-registry tips.
"Looking Forward" by Giulia Palombino

Nod to the future of the lucky couple with Giulia Palombino’s Looking Forward.

A print by Inka Bell, part of our off-registry tips.
"Untitled PM" by Inka Bell

Inka Bell’s geometric abstract pieces are precious presents for the most discerning design-minded couple.

Two paintings by Rebeca Raney, part of our off-registry tips.
"Protector 41" and "Protector 42" by Rebeca Raney

Rebeca Raney’s Protectors are made to protect. As a gift, they show that you serve as a support for the couple, now and always.

A painting by Lydia Bassis, part of our off-registry tips.
"Catch" by Lydia Bassis

Lydia BassisCatch explores feelings and experiences that we can’t describe with words.

A painting by Kate Roebuck, part of our off-registry tips.
"Worth a Lot" by Kate Roebuck

A picture is worth a thousand words, and Kate Roebuck's Worth a Lot conveys the open-ended story of how we move and live within our worlds.

An oracle deck by Langdon Graves, part of our off-registry tips.
An oracle deck by Langdon Graves

This twelve card deck is hand-printed by Langdon Graves and allows the couple to interact and tell stories through the ritual of card-reading.

A mixed media work by Xochi Solis, part of our off-registry tips.
"In the light that fades to amber" by Xochi Solis

Love is complex and beautifully layered. This piece by Xochi Solis celebrates the artist’s heritage, the process of discovery, and the complexities of identity. 

Two paintings by Molly Dilworth, part of our off-registry tips.
"July 14" and "March 22" by Molly Dilworth

The future is bright. Molly Dilworth’s bold colorful works have a rich textured surface, the result of gouache, acrylic paint, and pencil.

A gray Uprise Art gift card with text that says "A Gift For You" displayed on a wooden bookshelf at the Uprise Art gallery.
Uprise Art Gift Card

When in doubt, our advisors are here to help. Each Uprise Art Gift Card arrives with complimentary art advisory so that the couple can find their perfect artwork.

Cheers to this season's celebrations,


Opening photographs by Kate Ignatowski.

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