Ray Geary

Where are you from and where do you reside?
I’m from Lincroft, NJ and currently reside in Hoboken, NJ. My studio is in the Mana Contemporary building in Jersey City!
How does chance factor into these compositions? Are they carefully planned or are the marks more spontaneously produced?
Most of my non-cast acrylic work is spontaneous, so chance plays a big role. I’ll have a rough idea in mind but the work develops for the most part while it’s happening.
I wanted to express feelings we go through on a daily basis, and faces seemed to work the best in portraying this. — Ray Geary
How has collecting art influenced your own work?
It definitely laid the foundation since didn’t attend art school. I became interested in acrylic casting by collecting a Space Invader piece. Invader would take his street work and make an exact replica and cast it in acrylic; he calls these aliases. I just remember being completely blown away by the idea of taking an object and making it float!
Is there something people would be surprised to discover about you?
I went to business school!

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