Maria de la O Garrido

Where are you from and where do you reside?
I am from Andalucia, Spain. I have been living in England for the last three and a half years.
Your works incorporate collage elements with photography. How does one medium lend inspiration to the other?
For me the most important thing is the encounter. The coincidence. Sometimes it just happens. Other times by working on adding elements, papers, colours, magazines; everything that is around can be used to create a fiction. This is such a fun thing to do. Finding through searching.
Are there themes or motifs that you consistently find yourself drawn to?
I truly believe in the motto the personal is political. What I mean by this is that I work with what I find around me because my circumstance determines what I make.
Everything that is around can be used to create fiction. — Maria de la O Garrido
Is there something people would be surprised to learn about you?
Maybe, but I prefer to keep that as a secret.

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