Three framed photographs by artist Anna Moller installed on a white wall in a dining room.

Where are you from and where you do you currently reside?

I am from Rowayton, CT, and I live in Brooklyn, NY.

How has your upbringing influenced your work, particularly The Long Way Home series?

My parents are Swedish. The culture is a part of me, yet there is still distance as I’ve grown up with a more American sensibility and way.

Why is the series titled The Long Way Home, and what do these landscapes evoke for you?

It’s hinting at the road back to where you came from. One’s ancestry, lineage, roots. For me, it feels like a long way.

At the risk of sounding taboo, what is your relationship with film photography and digital photography?

I shoot film for personal projects. I like the way it reads and translates light and that teaches me to be patient and meditative. I shoot mainly digital for commissioned work.

How do you choose your subjects?

Something odd, something striking. Something a little off or evoking of a feeling deep inside.

Which photographers inspire you? Do you look to any other art mediums for inspiration?

Teirney Gearon, Tim Walker, Martina Hoogland-Ivanov, Paolo Roversi, and Keith Carter. I also love the painter Agnes Martin.