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Xochi on "Under the traveling cordless moon"

Xochi Solis shares the process behind her work for the Line Hotel in Austin, Texas and her limited edition print Under the traveling cordless moon, produced at Brooklyn’s Shoestring Press.

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“Born and raised in Austin, with stories of generations of my family that called the same land home before me, the powerful waterways have always had their place in our history. This new work for the LINE ATX was created thinking about Austin and the ways we—both native and new Austinites—witness the power and majesty of the water and its ecosystem we reside alongside.”

— Xochi Solis

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“The commission for the rooms and public gathering spaces totaled to a whopping 116 works to be created in a very tight window of time. So much of my collage aesthetic accentuates the use of raw materials, be it handmade and hand dyed paper to found images out of vintage magazines. 63 of the works at the LINE ATX are all original works, but for the other half I decided to venture into printmaking to create a unique edition.”

— Xochi Solis

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“The work is titled 'Under the traveling cordless moon' and was inspired by the reflection of tree leaves and light on the water of Lady Bird Lake. ”

— Xochi Solis

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“I worked one-on-one with Shoestring Press’s Master Printer Lane Sell to complete my ambitious project. I wasn’t interested in sending a printer a digital file to reproduce, I wanted the edition for the LINE to reflect my aesthetic.”

— Xochi Solis

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