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Xochi on "That tale of endless miles of sun"

Xochi Solis takes us behind the scenes of her collaborative print series, That tale of endless miles of sun, inspired by a summer residency in Bisbee, Arizona. The series continues her investigation of the borderlands, the geographic and cultural region at the border of the US and Mexico, expressed through color, shape, and strength.

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“For the suite, 'That tale of endless miles of sun', I reflected heavily on my summer ’18 residence in Bisbee, Arizona and wanted to evoke the colors of dusty back roads at sunset, the carved rocks bleeding rust that I encountered, the honey brown color of the skin of my ancestors and myself, and the contrast of bright greens and blues that sporadically bring calm and cool to a brutal environment.”

— Xochi Solis

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“Found images of marble, crystal, and granite have been tucked into the layers of my collages for years, it is only fitting that I would include them as photolitho layers in my print edition. For this suite, I selected three images—a bubbly malachite formation, a sweet delicate breccia, and a chunky crystal filled porphyry basalt—each displaying a distinct textural surface.”

— Xochi Solis

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“I do not think of myself as a printmaker, but rather I feel as an artist I most effectively communicate through paint and collage. The work that I complete with Shoestring Press in Crown Heights, Brooklyn is very much a collaborative process and one that I enjoy so much that this is my second project with their printmaking team.”

— Xochi Solis

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“Whether working small on illustration board or large scale with site specific installations or now occasionally in printmaking, each work begins with recalling my observations made of organic forms found in the everyday.”

— Xochi Solis

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