Inside the Studio

Visit with Tyler Scheidt

We stop by the San Francisco studio of printmaker-turned-painter Tyler Scheidt to get a closer look at his material-rich paintings.

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Detail of "New Sun"
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“Often my paintings are never planned. Rather, they begin to develop intuitively by allowing spatial relationships to form organically through a process of many painted layers over time.”

— Tyler Scheidt

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Detail of "Bleached"
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"Pier 70", "Pacific Light", and "Sea"
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Detail of "Pier 70"

“For me, painting is a slow process. I often work with layers of oil paint, similar to a collage-like process. Each layer informs the next.”

— Tyler Scheidt

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Detail of "Pier 70"
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"Tidal Sky" and "Spaced"
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“Utilizing printmaking, collage and painting, this piece in particular gives the sense of an ambiguous combination of landscape and figure.”

— Tyler Sheidt

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Detail of "Horizons"
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Detail of "Midnight Moonlight"

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