Inside the Studio

Visit with Trina Turturici

We visit Trina Turturici’s Los Angeles studio to learn about how she aspires to suggest landscape, portrait, figure, and object in her paintings

Photos by Joram Young and Kyle Deven

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“I use the shapes of ordinary objects and landscapes that I see in my daily life as a way to explore materials through working intuitively.”

— Trina Turturici

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“Blurred edges, broken shapes, transparency, and texture work together to suggest landscape, portrait, figure, and object. My playful approach to the figure-ground relationship creates a vibration and tension within the space of the painting. ”

— Turturici

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“The eye makes connections and fills in the space between broken lines and shapes and creates imagery. I intend to paint with just the right amount of specificity so as to retain some mystery and openness. ”

— Trina Turturici

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“I have developed certain moves and motifs that I use intuitively to represent these themes. Curved lines and shapes are airwaves, vibrations represent transitions. Layers of transparency and texture show the passage of time. Shapes overlap each other suggesting objects and figures moving through space. ”

— Trina Turturici

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“The main themes within my work are memory, perception, and the passage of time. The way I interpret the dynamic nature of these themes is through gesture and mark making. ”

— Trina Turturici

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