Inside the Studio

Visit with Stacey Beach

We visit Stacey Beach’s Berkeley studio to learn about her newest motif, the eye, and how it represents our shared solitary experience during the pandemic.

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“These newest works have all been completed during the Covid-19 pandemic. I had been playing with arched curved forms in my work, and over time, these arches became eyes. They piled up and felt like our collective looking. Another exploration of my frames and windows, our ways of viewing the world. ”

— Stacey Beach

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“The eyes were our collective unease, our collective aloneness, our shared solitary experience. Our eyes watching, watching the news, watching the world go by while tucked in our homes, our wariness of others, our weariness of it all. ”

— Stacey Beach

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“My work starts with an ink sketch which is then translated to a sketch on fabric. I cut that image out and it is then sewn into canvas and stretched on panel. ”

— Stacey Beach

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“The process leaves traces of the hand in every step, from the translation of the sketch, to the cutting of the fabric, the sewing and finally the warping and pulling of the line when stretched on the solid surface. The final piece is its own translation of the original.”

— Stacey Beach

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