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Visit with Saxon Quinn

Saxon Quinn’s series of works on distressed canvas and concrete plaster ruminate on his days spent in New York while confined to his studio in Melbourne, Australia. Taking his inspiration from the spirit and physical topography of the city, Saxon captures New York’s character through his signature symbols and glyphs. Offering a map-like glimpse into his experience of place, Saxon’s paintings figure as modern ruins that capture the memory of a moment in time.

Photos by Annika Kafcaloudis

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“This painting from 'Until I Return' is part of a body of work created with the fond memory of my time living in NYC.”

— Saxon Quinn

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“The people I met, the movers and shakers, the beauty, the ugly, the suburbs, the late nights, the delicious food, strange smells, the sweltering heat, the bitter cold, the constant noise, the abundance of character, the age, the buildings, the streets, the passion, the love. I loved every minute and can not wait to return.”

— Saxon Quinn

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“Painting is my time to escape and unwind. In my otherwise cluttered and chaotic thought-processing mind, I find painting gives me that breathing room to live in the moment and enjoy the process of creating works.”

— Saxon Quinn

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“The more I paint, the more I feel that my works represent that balance - amongst the roughness theres a sense of calm, I want to continue to harvest this and express it.”

— Saxon Quinn

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