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Visit with Ruth Freeman

Brooklyn-based painter Ruth Freeman shares how her architectural background has influenced her working methods and the role that technology has in her process.

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“With the formalities of abstractions, one is always working with foreground and background. Now that we look at a lot of artwork digitally, my work has taken on a different kind of meaning. It interfaces differently. When it’s a painting produced by hand, these digital qualities and processes are looked at and understood differently than if it was a print-out of a digital rendering.”

— Ruth Freeman

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“I use digital tools in my painting process in a way that picks up on some of the awkward moments I had encountered in the architectural field of the 90s. I’m still trying to work through the awkwardness of digital tools many years later.”

— Ruth Freeman

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“I’m chronically challenging perfection and exploring the process of bringing a virtual image to reality.”

— Ruth Freeman

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