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Visit with Natalie Baxter

Visit soft-sculptor Natalie Baxter at her Bushwick studio to check out her newest works from the Warm Guns and Bloated Flags series.

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“My grandmother taught me to quilt when I was young and it was something I would occasionally do on the side as a craft, not as a part of my art practice.”

— Natalie Baxter

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“I hope that I am stirring up thoughts of gun control, gun violence, and gender issues, but I realize that to some people, I am making a cute stuffed replica of their favorite weapon.”

— Natalie Baxter

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“I’ve been making a lot of gold flags lately that I have been calling “People Will Think You’re Making A Trump Flag,” a title I got from a studio visit critique warning me that I should be careful making gold flags because of their association with Trump. I think that is such a perfect example of our current political landscape.”

— Natalie Baxter

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