Inside the Studio

Visit with Matthew Ward

Matthew Ward gives us a behind-the-scenes look at his communal Long Island City studio. Working in several modes of production at once, Matthew achieves his distinctive style with interrelated processes of drafting, both by hand and on the potters wheel. See works before and after firing in our visit below.

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“ A typical day for me in the studio consists of making new work, trimming, drawing and carving designs into the vessels and preparing them for their journey into the kiln.”

— Matthew Ward

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“I always have a handful of works in progress, things are always in need of attention. With clay, things can change quickly.”

— Matthew Ward

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“The are a lot of steps that go into making a finished work, each one of course comes with its own reward. For me, pottery has been a way to combine my love for painting and my innate attraction to sculptural physicality.”

— Matthew Ward

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“I am always amazed by the adaptable and maneuverable properties that exist within clay, and its ability to transform through process from something so impressionable to something everlasting and rigid. ”

— Matthew Ward

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