Inside the Studio

Visit with Lydia Bassis

Painter Lydia Bassis shares her Seattle studio space with us and gives some insight into her process.

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“I keep a little booklet of shapes and patterns that I’ve used over the years, I call it my dictionary. When I can’t decide what the first mark on a new blank surface should be or what to do next to finish a painting, I pull it out and look for inspiration.”

— Lydia Bassis

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“I aim for a very specific feeling of balance in my work. I want each painting to have enough visual information to be interesting but simple enough so they are not overwhelming. I like empty space and it’s an essential part of my work.”

— Lydia Bassis

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“I don’t think about meaning while I’m painting. It’s only once a painting is almost done that I start to feel like it has a personality and I want to give it a title.”

— Lydia Bassis

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