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Visit with Luke Forsyth

Luke Forsyth shares his recent series of paintings ‘Flowers on Black’ and catches us up on how switching between mediums and scale figures into his practice.

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“My current series––‘Flowers on Black’––started as an experiment of sorts. I wanted to explore how my vibrant, stylistic use of color would look on black gesso.”

— Luke Forsyth

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“A big part of my practice involves working on multiple variations of the same piece in differing mediums and small-to-large scale formats until a more cohesive series emerges. Envisioning and then executing a piece in multiple different ways gives me the chance to establish a common visual vocabulary, and then diverge from it to subvert the expected.”

— Luke Forsyth

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“More and more, I find myself looking to the works of Dutch Masters like Rachel Ruysch and Ambrosius Bosschaert as a source of inspiration. The Dutch Golden Age was known for its focus on still lives, and large swaths of flowers set against a black background were common. I’m looking to re-engage in that contemplation of nature inside a space devoid of light.”

— Luke Forsyth

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