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Visit with Lisa Hunt

Longing for a tactile immediacy, Lisa Hunt turned to collage to create her new body of work, which repurposes scraps of previous silkscreen editions. Influenced by African American quilt making and West African weaving traditions that were carried on by enslaved Africans, this new way of making has allowed Lisa to engage in a dialogue with her own ancestral history as a Black woman.

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“These sculptural panel studies are meant to be reminiscent of fabric swatches with unsewn threads allowed to express movement.”

— Lisa Hunt

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“Created as studies for larger work, these pieces are composed of 'threads' of previous editions that extend past the central composition to visually explore textile materiality and processes.”

— Lisa Hunt

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“Created by cutting artist proofs from my 'Cross Sections' series, I used an improvisational process to place each strip next to the other.”

— Lisa Hunt

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