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Visit with Linda Colletta

We visit the Bridgeport, CT studio of Linda Colletta to get a closer look at her recent series of paintings that celebrate leftover materials from past works.

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“Remnants of previous paintings just feel precious to me, each with its own personality. I can’t bear to throw a single piece away. ”

— Linda Colletta

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“I have a collection of hundreds of scraps that I organize into categories that make sense to me: textures, seams, thickness, tones, size, shape, clean, dirty, and so on. My work is cyclical in its style, and at some point I am moved to assemble these scraps together when I am yearning for more simplicity and quiet. ”

— Linda Colletta

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“This particular collection is mostly a reaction to the chaos and separation we are all experiencing right now on a physical, emotional, and political level. The use of all my remnants, without editing or discarding, represents an expression of radical inclusion. Nothing (No One) is disregarded, all pieces are equally precious, unique and necessary to create a final composition. Everything (Everyone) is included, pieced together synergistically, creating a landscape of power and peace. ”

— Linda Colletta

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