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Visit with Keiko Kamata

Keiko Kamata shares her monotype printing process, along with ideas of visual experience and color, in her Greenville, SC studio.

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“When I reflect on my visual experience, I find myself constantly shifting from one focal point to another. What I see from moment to moment is, in this sense, discontinuous or insulated from each other. This series, Screens, presents layered gaps that are at once separable and indistinct. These in-between spaces are bracketed by 'screens' through which the observers 'see.' ”

— Keiko Kamata

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“I have come to work more fluidly with larger images in a series or variations. My interest has developed from depicting something to simply seeing ink as is on paper.”

— Keiko Kamata

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“I marvel at how layers of colors interact and mix on paper. When a color is achieved through layering, it has depth and can even evoke, at least for me, a sense of wonder.”

— Keiko Kamata

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