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Visit with Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey

Mixed-media artist Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey uses volatile processes like burning her paper to create layered, geometric work. We have an intimate look at her process and how she keeps work from going up in flames.

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“I'm drawn to things that have weight but are impermanent. India ink, graphite, and burning have all been materials I have been exploring for the past ten years primarily.”

— Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey

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“ Burning to me is a ritualistic mark making process. It is slow yet instinctual. It is permanent yet ethereal. And, timing is everything, one second too long and the risk of burning too much is inevitable.”

— Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey

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“For me the process is also an integral part of the finished product. Burning holes into paper is ritualistic, meditative, and a test of being able to let go.”

— Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey

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