Inside the Studio

Visit with Karina Bania

Karina Bania shares her bright San Diego studio with us, along with some insight into her process.

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“Most of the time my art-making process is very solitary. It is usually just me alone with my materials, creating art in the studio.”

— Karina Bania

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“I am endlessly inspired by the natural environment, and often wander landscapes that later return to me as paintings. I am not always aware of the connection to a certain place as I begin a painting, but as the work unfolds, I begin to realize the environment that inspired it.”

— Karina Bania

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“I try not to be precious or overly precise, but as free as possible. I know that much of what I do at this point will be covered up, it is only the foundation of the painting.”

— Karina Bania

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