Inside the Studio

Visit with Jessica Simorte

Painter Jessica Simorte takes us on a tour of her Houston, Texas studio to share her newest works and thoughts on painting as place making.

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“Much of my practice is rooted in the phenomenology of space/place. I’m trying to create these environments that are a combination of the real and the imaginary. These places (in the work) are satisfying in ways my real environments are not. ”

— Jessica Simorte

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“The act of painting can feel similar to placemaking—you put something in a space, it’s not quite right so you take it out or move it over there, and you fuss until it feels right. By looking at interiors through the filter of materials and physicality, the work ultimately focuses on drawing and painting as a means of navigating physical and intangible places.”

— Jessica Simorte

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“While working, I base each move on the one that came previously. I trust my instincts and evaluate afterwards. This often results in just the right amount of awkwardness and hopefully, sincerity.”

— Jessica Simorte

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